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15 Dropzones listed for Tandem Skydiving/Learning to skydive in Denmark

Nordsjællands Faldskærms Klub

Planes: Cessna 206
Phone: +45 40 40 86 40
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The closest dropzone to Copenhagen. Tandems, students and experienced jumpers welcome.

Varde Faldskaermsklub

Planes: Cessna 182
Phone: (+45) 75225216
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We hold beginner's courses the first weekend each month from April to October and is up to 25 seats on each course. The course consists of a half day of theory and practical training - then made the first parachute jump from an altitude of 1000 meters.

Aversi Faldskærm Club

Planes: Cessna 182
Phone: + 45 2332 2213
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.Aversi Parachute Club flying has its own runway and is located about 40-minute drive from Copenhagen. The team consists of about 100 active jumpers who all have in common is that we are interested in all that comes down here the best possible experience and all-time nice weekend. If you have done some research, you may have found out that there are several different disciplines within parachute sport. In our club we conce...

Vi har som vores primære formål, at skabe dygtige faldskærmsspringere og udbrede kendskabet til faldskærmsudspring, samtidig med at vi har det sjovt sammen. Faldskærmsudspring er en spændende sport, og i de senere år er der udviklet flere grene inden for sporten.

Skydive Roskilde

Planes: Cessna 182
Phone: 60703501
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Do your tandem skydive at Roskilde Airport. The nearest dropzone from Copenhagen.


Planes: Cessna 172, Cessna 182
Phone: 97 48 75 73
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Great DZ with no restrictions, due to it's position in western Denmark. Lots of places to land.

Dropzone Denmark

Planes: Grand Caravan, Antonov An-2
Phone: +45 22401117
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Denmarks one and only full-time professional Dropzone. Europes biggest swoop pond. Fulltime cafe and really cheap accommodation. USPA foreign affiliate.

Skydive Stauning

Planes: Cessna 172
Phone: 40154981
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Do your tandem skydive at Stauning Airport. Best view over the westcoast.

Located 100km North of the German border, this centrally located club usually jumps every second weekend year round and every Wednesday evening in the summer period. Check out the website for exact jump activities, detailed pricing and more information.

NEW covered packing area with 2 bars, videobriefing facilities and manifest. 1200 meter asphalt runway that will take any A/C. Skyvan Boogie every year. Huge landing area.