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13 Dropzones listed for Tandem Skydiving/Learning to skydive in Hungary

Skydive Balaton (Kiliti DZ)

Planes: Helicopter
Phone: +36 70 433 2800
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Skydive Balaton DZ is USPA Foreign Affiliate DZ. Huge landing area, safe and super flat, like a golf course. Accommodations like in a hotel Aviator Restaurant near the tower, grillbar at the DZ. Mi-8 helicopter jumps are from 4000 meters (cca. 13000 ft)

Budapest Skydive

Planes: Cessna 182
Phone: +36203412704
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Planes: Cessna 206, Let L-410 Turbolet
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Out of service due to problems with local Aero Club. Other suggested DZ in Hungary: KaposDZ

Nice Dropezone near Vienna. We offer everything from tandem, student to skysurfing. Dropzone is open Fr-So 9:00-Sunset and during the week on appointment