Indoor Skydiving in Latvia

Birthday parties, stag and hen parties, events for family or friends, a surprise for a loved one – we can organize a celebration for any special occasion! Flying in the wind tunnel will delight not only the person celebrating a memorable event, but also his or her guests. We can offer unique flight costumes for the main person of the evening (Best groom, Best bride, Superman, Princess, etc.), as well as a special surprise from the staff. A photo and video will help to keep enthusiastic memories about the evening for a long time!

Flying at AERODIUM is a unique activity that will perfectly unite the team! During the flight in the wind tunnel, each client experiences fantastic emotions, but gaining and sharing these emotions together is a double joy! AERODIUM offers companies an opportunity to organize group flights, as well as the area for an event. The company may use a terrace with comfortable poufs and the optimal view of the flight, a fireplace, and a large area that can be used for various activities.

As a surprise at the end of the flight, a special demonstration or a flight show can be arranged. The company also may receive photos and video from all flights.

We also offer companies a venue and, to make the activity more special, to brand the area according the company's style! We offer to place advertisement banners, to brand a flying suit with the company logo, to make the flying accessories with your company’s logo or to make them in your corporate colors.