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14 Wind Tunnels listed for Indoor Skydiving in Poland

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is the first aerodynamic tunnel constructed in Slovakia. The tunnel is designed to experience jumping from an airplane. The glass flight chamber is 14 m high and 4.3 m wide. Massive motors are able to generate air flow of up to 270 km per hour inside the tunnel what is the speed of the real hurricane. But you are flying at a safe altitude and under constant supervision of an experienced instructor.

iFLY Dubai


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Flight. A dream that defines human endeavour. Well, dream no more! iFLY Dubai is an indoor skydiving ex-perience that makes controlled human flight a reality. Our regular iFLY-ers describe the experience to, “Bungee jumping, skydiving and even base jumping”. Flying at iFly Dubai takes you up to four meters in the air with an instructor guiding you through your sessions. The air conditioned tunnel keeps you cool while you “fal...

When you come to iFLY get ready to be blown away – literally. It’s thrilling. It’s amazing. Experience the feeling of freefall as you float on a smooth cushion of air. There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. It’s just you FLYING in the air. Super fun, super safe and super cool!

Welcome sportflyers! At City Skydive you are a sportflyer when you pass our course or by proven experience in other windtunnels. (flyer class A / level 1) Sportflyers benefits at City Skydive: - Free use of private and quite teamroom with toilet, shower, kitchen, eat- and relax corner plus debriefing video station. - Participation possible in events, competitions and skillcamps, exclusively for our sportflyers. - Exclus...

The SpeedFly tunnel allows you to fly 15 metres up in the air. It’s 14.1 feet wide (4.30 metres). The maximum air speed is 320 km/h (200 mph). As a beginner you are always accompanied by an experienced instructor, who takes care of your safety and comfort during the flight. He will also help you to keep the proper body position. More experienced people who have flown in the tunnel already and have at least 45 minutes of exper...

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is the perfect training facility to learn new skills or to improve your skydive skills. Indoor Skydive Roosendaal’s wind tunnel is the place for training, for all types of disciplines. Thanks to the carefully-controlled airflow (with variable adjustment), you can fly through the tunnel at a speed of 275 kph (170 mph) in every dimension. The wind tunnel’s diameter of 14 feet (4.27 metres) is more t...



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Located right next to Liège Airport in Bierset, the new concept of fun is at FLY-IN, home of the largest free-fall simulator in the world. A wind tunnel, completely circular, with a 17 feet in diameter and 45 feet high. The wind speed can reach up to 300 km/h. Unique comfort and thrills both for those who make their first flight and for skydiving professionals. Accessible to all, from 5 to 99 years old, FLY-IN makes you disco...

The windtunnel has a diameter of 4.5 meters and has the highest flightchamber in Europe with its 17 meters height and 5 meters glass and a maximum airspeed of 310 km/h. An extraordinary architecture offers every spectator the chance, to observe the breathtaking flight experience “LIVE”. The windtunnel Airspace Indoor Skydiving is a reference for the ( The 25 meters high building is located near on an Inte...

Even though the beginnings of Aerodium can be traced back to a sort of training equipment intended for military parachutists and astronauts, it has lately turned into a popular entertainment for all of those looking for new sensations. A flying session in the tunnel, starting with a short safety briefing at the beginning and screams of excitement during the flight – it is both a physical challenge for your abilities, and sati...



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Come fly with us at the friendliest indoor skydiving tunnel in Europe. At Indoor Skydiving Windoor you can tunnel fly and enjoy the great food and weather that the prestige Costa Brava Spain has to offer. Also just steps from the wind tunnel is Skydive Empuriabrava

Be mentored by a coach to make progress in the short term and become an indoor skydiving master. An instructor will guide you during your flight, with interpretation, technical support and debriefing of your session. Coaching by a personal trainer is available by reservation. We also regularly invite external coaches with international fame. Rates vary per coach.


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Birthday parties, stag and hen parties, events for family or friends, a surprise for a loved one – we can organize a celebration for any special occasion! Flying in the wind tunnel will delight not only the person celebrating a memorable event, but also his or her guests. We can offer unique flight costumes for the main person of the evening (Best groom, Best bride, Superman, Princess, etc.), as well as a special surprise from t...

Flight packages are for one person only and cannot be divided. To share flights between multiple people, please purchase a group flight package. Please review the admission requirements and Terms and Conditions before making a purchase. Gift certificates are non-refundable. The maximum weight is 105kg (230 lbs). All participants are weighed upon arrival. All participants must be in good health. If you have a known disease or ...

Aerogravity in Milan, the largest vertical tunnel in the world and the only one in Italy, where anyone can simulate a free-fall from an airplane at an altitude of 4.500 meters. A breathtaking experience in which adrenaline, sport and safety fly together. All the power of the wind and technology in its purest form. It’s an 8 meter crystal cylinder and 6 super powerful turbines that creates a 370 kph constant blast of air ab...